Case use diagram

In Unified Modeling Language (UML), a used case diagram can summarize the details of your system users (also known as actors) and their interaction with the program. To create one, you will use a set of special symbols and connectors. A working case diagram can help your team discuss and represent:

Use case diagrams consist of 4 objects.

• Actor

• Use case

• System

• PackageAd Link

The items are described in more detail below.


A character in the case diagram used by any business that plays a role in a given single program. This can be an individual, organization or external system and is usually pulled like the bones shown below.

Use Case

The usage case represents an activity or action within the system. It is shaped like an oval and is named after the work.

The system

The system is used to define the maximum use case and is drawn as a rectangle. This is an option but is useful if you see large systems. For example, you can create all usage cases and use a program object to describe the size covered by your project. Or you can use it to show different areas covered in different releases.


The package is another option that is very useful for intricate designs. Similar to a class diagram, packages are used to combine cases of co-operation. They are drawn as pictured below.